Part C, aka Advantage Plan

Part C, aka Avantage Plan

Part C, the Advantage Plan, is offered by a licensed private health insurance company and covers all medical services that are reimbursed under Part A and Part B, so it can be used in place of the Red and Blue Cards. Unlike Supplemental Plans, many Part C plans do not require premium payment. Unfortunately, however, the network coverage is small and you will have to pay a registration fee for each doctor’s visit. The Advantage Plan even includes services not covered by the traditional plan, such as dental, vision and hearing aids, as well as other benefits and services, gym memberships, transportation, and over-the-counter drug programs. In addition to network limitations, Part C, advantage plans require a share of the medical costs. The following is an example of an advantage plan: 

Customers who choose a Part C advantage plan have the option to add, change, cancel or convert their existing plan between October 15 and December 7 of each year. For example, if you switch from a traditional plan to a Part C Advantage plan, switch from a Part C to a traditional plan, convert from one Part C plan to another Part C plan, move from a Part D prescription drug plan to another Part D plan, or if you are not eligible to purchase for the first time, you can apply during this period and the changes made will be effective January 1, next year. If you miss this period, you will need to wait until this time next year to make another change or application.