U-card User’s Guide


General Introduction
  • Starting in 2023, United Insurance is introducing the new U Card, which is now not only your health insurance card, but also your Benefit and Reward card!

  • You can use U Card to see your doctor, get prescriptions, buy over-the-counter drugs, buy healthy food and pay your Utilities bill (Member ID card, Benefit and Reward).

  • For HMO plans, you will receive a “Flex Card” in addition to your U Card for dental, vision and hearing co-payments.

How to activate the U Card

  • If you are using it for doctor visits and prescription drugs, you do not need to activate it and can use it directly

  • Activation is required if you are using it for.

    • Purchase over-the-counter medications

    • Buy healthy food

    • Pay Utilities bills (Gas, Electric, Water, Sanitation, Sewer, Home Internet, Home Heat, and Government Services)

    • Gym

  • You can activate your U card by going to activate.uhc.com or by calling 1-866-757-1864 and entering your card number; these are two ways to activate your U card

  • Because your U card is a credit card, you do not need to set a PIN

Cooperation Store

  • Walmart

  • Walgreens

  • Rite Aid

  • CVS

  • Kroger

  • Publix

  • MOM’s Meals

Website for finding stores: https://www.healthysavings.com/UHC/Stores/StoreFinder


Now you can also sign up for a U Card Hub account

  • To view your insurance cards

  • To check your balance

  • To purchase over-the-counter medications

  • To view the over-the-counter drug list

  • To find a participating S3 store near you

  • Answers to frequently asked questions


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