How to Submit Immigration Status

If you receive a letter from the state health insurance marketplace about uploading proof of immigration, please do so before the deadline or you will lose the government subsidy to pay the full premium or even lose your coverage.

Types of documents accepted by state

  • I-551 resident alien card (green card)

  • Temporary I-551 resident alien card (temporary green card)

  • I-766 employment authorization card

  • Proof of current visa status (for example, a stamp in your passport, or an approval letter from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS))

  • Proof of resolution in immigration court (all pages)

  • Notice of hearing from the Executive Office for Immigration Review

  • “Documents (all pages) you provided to or received from USCIS or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), such as

    • Confirmation that your application for an immigration status was received

    • Letters to or from USCIS

    • I-797 USCIS Notice of Action

    • Order of Supervision from ICE

    • Other documents to or from USCIS or ICE that show your current status”

  • I-94 arrival/departure record

  • An approved immediate relative I-130 petition

  • Refugee Travel Document (I-571)

  • Re-entry Permit (I-327)

  • SEVIS ID (I-20 or DS 2019) (all pages)

  • Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) or Office on Trafficking In Persons (OTIP)

  • Certification or eligibility letter (all pages)

  • “Immigration or other official document showing grant of:

    • Withholding of Removal

    • Asylum

    • Cancellation of Removal

    • Administrative Closure

    • Administrative Order Staying Removal

    • Order of Supervision

    • Proof that you lived continuously in the U.S. before 1972 (for example, your lease agreement or proof of employment)”

To ensure that your submission is accepted, please use the following format as a reference, fill in your application ID, name, and document enclosed

View Sample Template

There are 3 ways to upload the proof of immigration:

1. Send your proof of immigration to us via Wechat (ePro2158258435), text message(215-825-8435) or Document Drop Box. We’ll upload it for you.

2. Mail a copy of the documents to the address they gave.

    • Make sure to write your name and Application ID, which would be included in your eligibility notice, on all your documents. You should keep the original documents for your records. 

    • Include the notice’s cover sheet with the barcode when mailing your documentation.

3. The fastest option is to upload documents online.

Please go to Marketplace, enter your zip code and select the site in your region. Once you are logged in, you can upload files.


If you can’t upload by yourself please choose the first way. Please contact us at 215-825-8435 if you have any questions.

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