How to pay your bill?

Insurance Payment Guide

Dear customers:

If you have received a bill from your insurance company, please pay your premiums in full as soon as possible. If you do not pay your premium by January 1, 2023, your coverage may be cancelled by your insurance company, so please hurry! ePro Associates has compiled a list of ways to pay your premiums quickly.

1. Pay with major insurance companies' apps


Use your cell phone to pay your premiums anytime, anywhere by downloading the insurance company’s app through the app store or google play store. Download, register, and login to view your monthly statement, add your card information, click Manage Account, and then click Pay My Bill.

2. Pay by using major insurance company web pages


Go to the websites of the major insurance companies in your browser, register and log in to your account. Prepare your insurance card, bank card account information and click on Manage Account in the upper left corner to make your payment. We have listed the links to the websites of the different insurance companies below, just click on them.














3. Payment by personal check or money order

The insurance company sends you a bill that includes a detachable payment slip with your bill number, payment address and other required information. Please make sure that you fill out the check correctly before sending it back.

4. If you still have difficulty with this, please call us to complete the payment

Our phone number is: 215-825-8435. ePro Associates’ professional team can help you with your payment, but since we have to handle a large number of calls from our customers every day, please have your bank card information (card number, expiration date, and CCV) ready before you call for our efficient service.


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