Limited Time Offer for Extra 25% Increase on your Principal when You Apply for Annuity NOW!

What is the most secure way to prepare for retirement? The answer is by purchasing an annuity insurance!

What is Annuity?

An annuity is a financial product that can provide lifetime guarantees to you and your family members. It offers: 

  • A long-term tax-deferred investment

  • protection for income, legacy and spousal needs

  • Issued by an insurance company

  • Purchased through a licensed financial professional

  • Able to be tailored to your unique retirement needs to help protect what matters to you

ePro Associates Inc is now helping clients to enroll in the special annuity reward program that will reward you 25% of the initial principal when your account opening amount is at least $20,000. This is a big launch by the world’s biggest insurance company, Allianz Company. 


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Annuity Insurance is the Best Way to Plan for Retirement

  • Annuities are financial products that offer a guaranteed income stream.

  • First annuities exist in an accumulation phase, where investors fund the product with either a lump-sum or periodic payments.

  • Once the annuitization phase has been reached, the product begins paying out to the annuitant for either a fixed period or for the annuitant’s remaining lifetime.

  • Annuities can be structured into different kinds of instruments—fixed, variable, immediate, and deferred income—which provides investors more flexibility.

What can be used to Purchase Annuity?


Your 401K

If your company has opened a pension account for you, you can take out the 401K you have accumulated over years to purchase an annuity.


Your Savings

If you have savings in the bank, then you have savings for retirement. Take out your savings and coordinate with the insurance company to receive your 25% bonus. Expand your pension principal!


Your Other Assets

Due to the volatility of the real estate and stock markets, it is advisable to consider transferring a portion of those profits to an annuity account. Especially in the long-term rental market, the 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will likely damage landlords financially.



Now, based off actual situations of the customers’ real estate investment, ePro has came up with different examples to help you understand annuity better.


Client Background:

Client, male 67 years old, wife 59 years old


Owns 4 rental properties, worth $1,000,000

"But I'm Still Young, Can I Wait?"

Let us take you through another example and let the results help you decide if you want to buy annuity insurance.


Client Background:

Ms. Zhang, 35 years old. She has saved $100,000 from working to purchase an annuity.

The differences in earnings between purchasing the annuity in 2021, 2026, and 2031 are shown in the below table.


According to the above analysis, the earlier you buy, the higher your returns after retiring at the age of 65! After 5 years of purchase, your rate of return will be reduced by 28%, and after 10 years of purchase, your rate of return will be reduced by 68% compared to the first year’s purchase.

This special offer will only last until 06/21/2021, so Act Fast! Act Now! Find out more details about this bonus with our licensed insurance agents at ePro.


We’re available by email (support@eproassociates.com) or by phone (1-888-500-2578). 

ACA Individual Market Update – Pennsylvania

From Highmark,

Pa members will see a december premium reduction

Highmark is giving Pennsylvania ACA Individual Market members a 25% reduction to their pre-APTC premium total for the month of December. The one-time rate reduction will be provided since the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented members from accessing regular care, which has resulted in less health care utilization. Members will receive notification of this in their December invoice that will be received in mid-November.

Action required for pa on-exchange members who enrolled after 9/9/2020

Highmark on-exchange PA members who submitted enrollment applications after 9/9/2020 will not be renewed into a 2021 Highmark plan. Pennie was not able to provide Highmark with2021 auto-enrollment files for these members. If they don’t submit an active enrollment for 2021, they will lose coverage at the end of December. If you are submitting a Special Enrollment Period application, please ensure you also submit a 2021 application for your client so that they are covered. Pennie indicated that they will be sending communications to these members. In addition, Highmark will also be sending out communications and directing them to you if we have your phone number on file in Litmos. These members will not receive a Highmark renewal package or an early 2021 member ID card. We appreciate your patience as we work through this. We will follow up as we receive more information.

Provider directory search issue – central and northeastern pa only

There is a current issue with the Highmark provider directory. This issue is not impacting the provider directories on Pennie and HealthSherpa and is confined to Highmark’s online provider directory. We are working to address the issue as soon as possible.

Please review the information below regarding the errors for impacted plans:

NEPA – my Priority Flex Blue EPO

  • Some Lehigh Valley Health Network facilities are returning as Standard when they should be Enhanced
  • Berwick is not returning but should be Enhanced
  • Geisinger is not returning but should be Standard

CPA – my Direct Blue EPO and my Direct Blue Major Events EPO

The following hospitals are showing as in-network but they are out-of-network:
  • St. Luke’s Health Network
  • Reading Hospital
  • Easton Hospital

Please use provider directories on Pennie or HealthSherpa when reviewing CPA – my Direct Blue EPO, my Direct Blue Major Events EPO, and NEPA – my Priority Blue Flex EPO plans with customers. Please also refer to the network guides on the Producer Portal and Litmos. We’ll let you know when this issue has been resolved.